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Article: Planning Ahead? Then Let's Look Back!

Planning Ahead? Then Let's Look Back!

Planning Ahead? Then Let's Look Back!

If you’re getting married in 2015 then Congratulations!! We’re so happy for you….

As we’re now officially in 2015 and there really is no turning back, we wanted to have a look at some of the most iconic weddings in history for a bit of inspiration!

We’re going a bit ‘Rock and Roll’ for this article, with the best Rock and Roll Weddings in history and the first up has GOT to be The King…of Rock…that’s right, it’s Elvis and Priscilla. Elvis and Priscilla got married at the height of the sixties big-hair days (1967 to be exact), and the 21-year-old bride’s bouffant, complemented by her deep black eyeliner, surely goes down in history as one of the grandest and grooviest wedding dos of all time.



John Lennon and Yoko Ono- John and Yoko’s wedding look reflected their penchant for wearing all white, and, ever the exhibitionists, a photo of their 1969 nuptials ended up on the front cover of their experimental joint record, The Wedding Album. rock-star-weddings-john-lennon-yoko-ono Bianca and Mick Jagger- Undoubtedly the coolest couple on earth, so you can do wedding style pretty much however you please. Bianca and Mick chose matching suits for their 1971 trip down the aisle in the fabulous St Tropez rock-star-weddings-mick-jagger-bianca-jagger Finally David Bowie and Iman- With his Thin White Duke days behind him, David Bowie went full-on traditional for his 1991 Swiss wedding to supermodel Iman. She wore classic white, flowing tresses, and arm-length gloves, while he looks like the groom figurine on top of the wedding cake in his black tux. rock-star-weddings-david-bowie-iman