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‘Livianna’ is a breathtaking embodiment of timeless elegance. This luxurious stretch mikado gown seamlessly blends sophistication with modern flair.

The stretch mikado fabric ensures a flawless fit, hugging every curve with grace and comfort, and the subtle sheen makes it the perfect fusion of opulence and style.

Livianna's design showcases delicate pleated off-shoulder straps that gracefully frame the neckline, adding a touch of modern charm to the classic silhouette, and is further elevated by meticulously embellished lace sleeves.

Livianna strikes the perfect balance between contemporary chic and timeless elegance.


Castigliano Gowns

Dive into the world of Caroline Castigliano, where classic couture meets modern glamour. Envisioned with the passion to harmonize timeless elegance with chic allure, Caroline’s collection is a testament to her dedication to redefining luxurious gowns for the contemporary woman. Every piece in this collection tells a story of its own – merging feminine sensuality with contemporary design aesthetics. Indulge in the richness of sumptuous fabrics, the delicate allure of modern laces, and the intricate beauty of the embellishments that adorn each gown. This is more than just fashion; it's a statement of luxury with a touch of modern style. Welcome to Caroline Castigliano's vision.