Evening Wear Collection | Caroline Castigliano

Designer Evening Wear

This prestigious, bespoke collection of designer evening wear is offered in an opulent selection of colours and exquisite luxurious fabrics, to create an unrivalled sense of glamour.

Caroline’s signature is a silhouette which is unquestionably feminine and effortlessly elegant, and her unique ability to cut and construct a gown makes her perfectly placed to create an outfit that is confident and sexy, yet exudes a deep sense of style.

Our wide range of exquisite colours and luxury fabrics including crushed velvets, luxurious silk duchess satins, the finest Chantilly and corded lace enables each client to create a bespoke gown which is utterly unique.

designer dresses by Caroline Castigliano
Roman Holiday F
Sovereign F
Godiva F
Tzarnia F
Oscar F
Autocrat F
Francine F
Eminence and Eminence Shrug F
Kiwi F
Angelina F

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