Creating a Castigliano Gown | Caroline Castigliano

Exclusive & Luxurious Bridal Gowns Handcrafted in the United Kingdom

The creation of a Caroline Castigliano gown is a labour of love, passion and tradition, the exercising of complicated techniques and skills to produce something seemingly effortless. All gowns are meticulously handcrafted in the United Kingdom by our skilled team to ensure the perfect fit.

It all begins with a sketch – it’s all about the wonderful attention to detail that makes something completely special.

Our exquisite fabrics are handpicked to enhance the design and make it perfection – the most important consideration is the shape and fit to create a beautiful balanced silhouette.

The corsets are the engineering of our gowns, they are the foundation that everything is built around – we see it as a work of art.

Each step is equally as important as each other to achieve perfection.

“A wedding dress says everything about your personality and your style – when a bride is wearing a Castigliano dress I want her to walk towards that mirror and just be in love with what’s looking back at her”.

Take a look inside the atelier to see the craftsmanship and expertise that goes into each gown.

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