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Article: Top Tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress, an interview with Brides Magazine

Top Tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress, an interview with Brides Magazine

This interview with Brides Magazine dates back to July 2012, and of course fashion has changed since then, but like most areas of life, the core thinking and factors are much the same.

The video covers some of the most important things to consider, as well as explaining that at our boutiques we provide a truly unique experience. We find that many brides are truly amazed at how we approach the choice of their dress. This all starts with asking them what they want so that we can create the dress that they want.

In fact we spend at least 20 minutes chatting to the bride before we even look at a dress. Nor do we base our advice purely on body shape (although of course we take it into account). It’s our job to put together the perfect combination to make that perfect dress. Sometimes we find that we use items that the bride, when she came to see us did not want, but when we show her how these items can be woven into the dress, they soon change their minds…

We have found this process very successful, it all being helped of course by the relaxed atmosphere and the champagne!

The whole process is actually quite complicated as most of our brides arrive with some thoughts on the ‘look’ they want, but as as words like ‘glamorous’ or ‘simple’ mean something different to everyone, we have to take time and care to find out what the bride really wants.

But you don’t have to worry as we are experts and make the whole choice of dress totally painless and great fun too.

Do have a look at the video, you’ll pick up lots of important information, not the least of which is how much the location of the wedding must be taken into account…

Please enjoy the video!