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Article: Madushi and Stefan’s South African Wedding

Madushi and Stefan’s South African Wedding

Madushi and Stefan’s South African Wedding

Madushi and Stefan married at the beautiful Lourensford Wine Estate in South Africa, dating back to the year 1700, surrounded by breathtaking views of the Cape mountains.

The couple met on their first day of a summer internship at Barclays investment bank as they were placed next to each other in a room of 500 interns and the rest is history.

A year into their relationship Madushi moved to Frankfurt for work and the couple would only see each other every few weeks for the weekends, making every moment together precious. Stefan proposed during a visit while they were exploring the beautiful botanical gardens in Frankfurt. As they walked through the Japanese garden Stefan pointed at a statue and said Madushi should look at it, as she turned around to look at him, he was down on one knee with a ring asking if she would be his forever. 

How did you feel when you were wearing your bridal gown?

It felt like I was the most beautiful version of myself! Putting the dress on that day was completely transformational, it made me feel so exquisitely feminine, so perfect in every way, accentuating the features I love most about my figure whilst hiding the ones I’m usually self-conscious about – allowing me to relax and feel like myself but with the knowledge that I looked absolutely beautiful. 

What was the best moment of your wedding day?

Walking down the big white steps to the ceremony with my parents on either side of me, it was such an overwhelmingly emotional moment, seeing everything for the first time and then seeing my future husband waiting to marry me surrounded by all the love of our family and friends, everyone coming together to celebrate this immense commitment we were making to each other.

Wedding photography: VividBlue

Wedding planners: The Aleit Group

Venue: Lourensford Estate