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Article: 5 Style Tips for the Mother-Of-The-Bride

5 Style Tips for the Mother-Of-The-Bride

The day her daughter gets married will be one of the happiest days of a mother’s life…it’s important that she looks as good as she feels.

At Caroline Castigliano’s we very often dress both the Bride and the Mother Of The Bride for weddings to ensure both Mother and Daughter get that red carpet treatment.

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Here are some key style tips for the Mother Of The Bride:

1. Comfort is key

The golden rule for the mother-of-the-bride’s outfit is “be true to yourself”. You should wear something that makes you comfortable and makes you look good; you want your daughter to feel proud of you, after all.

2. Recruit help

If the bride has a colour theme in mind, it is important that she includes you in it. If the bride is not available to go shopping, we would recommend you take a good friend whose taste you respect. A second opinion is invaluable. Jolie 1

3. Use your head (or not)

Hat or fascinator? If protocol requires it – or if you love wearing hats and they suit you – then why not? If the wedding is more informal, and you never wear hats, then why make yourself feel – and possibly even look – awkward on such an important day?

4. Spend where it counts

Treat yourself to professional hair and make-up – though do make sure that they bring out the best of you and not turn you into someone no one recognises! It’s important, if you’ve invested in your Mother of the Bride outfit that the rest of you looks (and feels) as fabulous as your clothes…leave time for this all important ritual.

5. Buy then dye

Your daughter’s wedding is a great excuse to splash out on some designer shoes, like Louboutin’s classic ‘Simple Pump’ in ivory (£395, You can then get them dyed any shade to match your outfit. For London-based mums, we would recommend Bobbi Specialist Dyer in Winchmore Hill (